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Dealing with international collections and the nightmare of regulations? Relax, we're here to relieve that tension. It doesn't matter if you are a startup CEO or a freelance programmer, we are going to help you.

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  • Hassle-free and straightforward invoicing.
  • The only reliable way to open a non-face-to-face bank account.
  • Utmost privacy protection and adherence to banking secrecy.
  • Flexibility, minimal regulations, an ecosystem to work with peace of mind.
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Tell us about your business idea. What do you want to sell, who do you want to sell it to, and where do you plan to do it. This is like a friendly chat to understand your plans.

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Choose your package, fill out a form, and in 7-10 business days, you'll receive all the legal documents for your company in digital format (including EIN number).

Account Opening

Open a bank account for your new company in several alternatives of banking institutions in USA.

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Establishing My Company
Corporate bank accounts

We provide guidance and support in opening your company's bank account. We offer alternatives from online banks to physical banks with online account openings.

CPA Services in the United States

We have formed an alliance with a CPA firm in Florida to handle tax filings for our clients with companies across the country.

Legal Tech Consulting

We draft, review, and negotiate the full range of common contracts in the global technology market. Additionally, we are global pioneers in Blockchain Law.

Support with local law firms worldwide

We rely on the trust of providing the best law firms in each jurisdiction through our STEP membership, the world's foremost organization for estate and corporate legal planning.

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International Dollar Billing

Offer your services globally and bill in dollars. Withdraw earnings or make purchases with a global debit card.


Fiscal Optimization and Asset Protection

Make your international tax strategy more efficient. Secure your assets and prioritize your daily activities.

Torre solucion


Professional Image

"Project a stronger image by structuring yourself as a company, gaining an advantage in a competitive market.


Diversified Business Opportunities

Access global markets through eCommerce and attract investors with a C Corporation. Invest in real estate, improve your credit score, and build your investment portfolio with any broker worldwide.



DAO Consulting

At ZBL, we provide pioneering DAO consulting and are leaders in legal services for cryptocurrencies.


We are assembling a team of Solidity experts to provide comprehensive support in development and legal consulting.


Our Operating Agreement for DAO LLCs is considered the best of the market. Mixing the Wyoming Law with all the software information required by regulations.

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